Empire City Poker is your personal gateway to the most action-packed poker games throughout New York City. We host and promote private games. With our vast network, we can send you to various games throughout any of the boroughs and Manhattan. We have over two decades of industry experience and our allegiance is to our players. Our number one priority is to provide the highest quality experience, and to find the game that best fits the needs of each individual player.

Empire City Poker’s network has games at all stakes and every level. We can cater to the needs of the beginner/novice player that is just getting into the game, all the way up to the seasoned vets and advanced poker enthusiasts. All of our games are fully staffed with casino quality employees. All services that we provide are 100% legal.


All games that are part of the Empire City Poker network have passed our rigorous inspection process. Since player experience is our number one priority, everyone must pass our screening process to ensure the integrity of our games. Providing a safe and friendly environment is of utmost importance.


To get started, text the number 929-816-1928 with the code “ALL IN” and our screening process will begin. Within minutes your name can be on the list and we can have a seat locked up for you.


1-3 NLH/ PLO 100 min 1000 max

5-5 NLH/ PLO 300 min 2000 max

10-25 NLH/ PLO 3000 min no max

25-50 NLH/ PLO 5000 min no max invite only